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Lord Dunsany - all speculative-fiction books

"It is a long journey from London to World's End . . . ."

Lord Dunsany

General Notes on Lord Dunsany's Works

(For convenience, this section is repeated on each of the pages tabulated below.)

Dunsany was a prolific writer of works both in and out of the speculative-fiction mode. Moreover, a great deal of his work was short stories, and large numbers of collections, some original, some reprints exist; worse, many of these collections have complete, near-complete, or partial overlap, making the task of the reader who would explore Dunsany's output in full a taxing one. I have here attempted to bring some order to a bibliography of Dunsany's published works, including his entire oeuvre but focussing especially on his speculative-fiction output. Such a bibliography has been done in print by S. T. Joshi and Darrell Schweitzer, but copies are expensive and it is not up to date (being from 1993). Also, the material here presents the data in several different forms, each of which, I hope, will have its utility for the reader.

The diligent may also find the Wikipedia bibliography of Dunsany of some interest (as a cross-check if nothing else), as well as the well-researched entries at the ISFDB.

The material here is presented in these different tabulations (one per page):

Tabulation Explanation
All SpecFic Books The titles of all of Dunsany's speculative-fiction books, showing publication year, type (novel/collection), and--for reprints--the amount of original material.
SpecFic All The above, expanded: each of Dunsany's speculative-fiction books, dated and annotated, including the full story contents of each collection.
SpecFic Stories Each of Dunsany's short stories, listed alphabetically, showing all books in which it has appeared (in chronological order).
Unique SpecFic Tales All Dunsany short stories appearing in but a single book (showing, of course, which book).
Unique SpecFic Books Converse of the above: all Dunsany books with content to be found in no other book.
Works All Each of Dunsany's books, speculative or not (dated and, for speculative fiction, annotated as appropriate).
Works All Listed The above, expanded: each of Dunsany's books, speculative or not, dated and annotated, including the full contents (stories, poems, essays, etc.) of each collection.

Some few notes are in order. First, titles of both books and individual stories are my best attempt at "canonical", but minor variants, notably in capitalization, are not uncommon in other lists (as, for example, between The Man Who Ate the Phoenix and The Man who Ate the Phoenix). Second, the canonical story titles are used even when the title as given in a particular reprint edition is quite different (that is almost entirely a matter of the Ballantine Dunsany collections edited by the well-meaning but sometimes-bumbling Lin Carter); in such cases, I have appended the title used with the notation (here titled Whatever). Third, the speculative-fiction listings omit anything but novels and stories (that is, no plays or poems, of which Dunsany produced not a few). Fourth, I have for internal sorting purposes labelled each of his speculative-fiction books as either Novel or Tales, but his non-speculative books are each either novel (lower-cased) or Stories (or, of course, whatever other form they may be, such as Poems or Plays or whatnot); there is no difference between the designations except whether the labelled works are speculative.

Note also that--as you might expect--most book titles, here and in the tabulation below, are click-on links each to a page that will show all editions of that book currently available for purchase new (through Amazon) or used (through Abebooks).

The reader wanting to acquire as much Dunsany as possible in as few volumes as possible will find listed in these pages all the "unique" speculative-fiction books--that is, those containing at least one story not appearing in any other published book. But, as that tabulation notes, that is scarcely all that one needs, because there are very many stories in none of those "unique" books, but repeated in many others. The bulk of Dunsany's speculative fiction may be had in a collection comprising these volumes ("apa" signifes "also published as"):

(Those last two novels above, Dunsany's "science-fiction" output, are not links because, to be blunt, they aren't up to Dunsany's usual level of quality, though--being Dunsany, after all--they are not so awful as to be unreadable or anything of that sort.)

The reader then wanting to "fill in the cracks" would need to add to the collection these:

The listings above do not include an odd work, a 2006 collection titled Tales of God and Men, which had a sufficient existence to have cover images and a few early reviews, but which seems to have ceased uttterly to exist after that--no bookseller, no library, no anything I can find has one single copy. It was an omnibus of the six books in Time and the Gods (as shown above) plus Fifty-One Tales (presumably to the American edition) and Tales of Three Hemispheres, plus some unspecified "previously uncollected stories"--all in all, quite a feast, especially as it is said to have included all the Sime illustrations that are so vital to the original books. Simon & Schuster, the parent of the listed publishers (variously Pocket Books and Cold Spring Press) has yet to respond to an emailed request for more information. In the circumstances, it seems pointless to list that work as a potential addition to anyone's collection.

Some books wanting special comment: The Little Tales of Smethers, though thoroughly Dunsanian, is not speculative fiction save for (perhaps) one tale, and so is not included in the specfic lists. Then there are the half dozen "Jorkens" books of stories; those are of the classic form of the British "club tale", told round the fireplace in a gentlemen's club, but a substantial fraction of the tales are fantastic (or, occasionally, science-fictional), and even those that are not have that style and air one might call "far-awayness"; in any event it would be silly, very difficult, and ultimately pointless (as they are all collected together) to try to segregate individual Jorkens tales as to "speculative" or not.

Finally, there remains a body of yet-uncollected work, speculative and other. Jeff Wyonch has presented a list of uncollected Dunsany to which it would be supererogation to attempt to add.

Lord Dunsany's Fantasy and Science-Fiction Books

The Table below shows all books by Lord Dunsany that may reasonably be classed "speculative fiction" (with the possible exception of The Little Tales of Smethers, though I think but one tale in that book would be classed a fantasy). The list is not separated by novel versus collection, but each title is labelled with what sort it is, as well as annotated if it is wholly or mostly reprints. Most of the titles are click-on links that will take one to a page where one will find such editions and copies of the book as are currently for sale, new (through Amazon) or used (through Abebooks). As shown in the Table above, you can also find here a page listing all the individual story contents of the collections.

All Speculative-Fiction Works Published as Books:

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