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Great Science-Fiction
& Fantasy Works

science-fiction & fantasy literature:
a critical list with discussions

Links To Other Relevant Science-Fiction & Fantasy Sites

"Very well then--many other worlds are accessible to us through the Great Stone,
and from certain of these worlds we will obtain what we need."

--The Lemurian Stone,
Stephen Hickman

This page contains a set of links for authors listed on this site. I have also included a list of authors appearing in the lists on this site for whom I cannot, despite reasonably diligent searching, locate a dedicated web site--or, in many cases, very much information at all. If you perchance are a fan of one of those authors who might want to start up a site yourself, here is a downpage link to that list, no-site authors.

(I am in the process of changing the nature of this page. As each author receives his or her full writeup essay--a process proceeding slowly, from the top down by stars count, then alphabetically--the link here will be changed to a link to the Other Resources section of that author's individual page, where there will be a fuller listing, and some description, of available links, and sometimes of notable books of criticism or biography.)

And a later thought: rather than wait to progress with the author evaluations, I am moving and expanding the "Other Resources" entries independently; all of the 5- 4- and 3-star authors (and some of the 2-star) now have such info blocks on their pages; but those remain internally linked on the lists below.

This list was last checked and updated Friday, 5 September 2008.

External Author-Related Site Links

This is a review site, not a links-collection site, but I have supplied a key link for each author I list (each for whom I could find any significant links at all, that is). Because most of the sites and pages linked below themselves have further links about that author and are kept up by enthusiasts (or the authors themselves), the one here is really all you need to get started. If you know of a link for an author for whom none is shown here, or of a site you think significantly better than one linked here, please e-mail me with that information.

This page is not, and is not intended to be, a set of links to most or all useful or interesting web sites related to even these authors, much less all of speculative fiction: there are web sites whose whole business is to assemble (and keep current) such lists, a task beyond my abilities and my interests. (Though many of those sites are now dead or dying.) But I do have, on another page of this site, a short list of the crème de la crème of general science-fiction and fantasy and literature resources.

(So that there be no misunderstandings, let me say that--because this site is not a links-list site--the sites listed below are not necessarily the largest or best about their subjects: they are the ones that seemed to have the largest readily accessible link collections. The idea here was not necessarily to take you to some one overmastering, definitive site but to take you to the site that seemed to offer the most connections to other sites about that author.)

Authors with no site listed are not necessarily total blanks on the web: often there will be a page, or at least an entry on a page, on one or more general-purpose Science-Fiction and Fantasy sites. I have tried to keep to sites mainly or wholly dedicated to a particular author, but in instances where there simply was no dedicated site to be found, I have linked a single page about the author if that page was comprehensive and detailed (but have still flagged the entry as "no web site").

In a few cases, where either there was no obvious standout site or there were sites or pages of apparently comparable worth, I have listed second or even third links.

The lists are grossly divided by my stars rating and within each class alphabetically by author last name.

Note! The stars below refer to the authors and their works, not to the listed websites about those authors.
Rating websites is not something I do.

***** Baum, L. Frank :
L. Frank Baum Resources

***** Bramah, Ernest :
Ernest Bramah Resources

***** Borges, Jorge Luis :
Jorge Luis Borges Resources

***** Cabell, James Branch (sometimes listed just as Branch Cabell) :
James Branch Cabell Resources

***** Calvino, Italo :
Italo Calvino Resources

***** Carroll, Lewis :
Lewis Carroll Resources

***** Dunsany, Lord :
Lord Dunsany Resources

***** Eddison, E. R. (Eric) :
E. R. Eddison Resources

***** Lafferty, R. A. :
R. A. Lafferty Resources

***** Peake, Mervyn :
Mervyn Peake Resources

***** Tolkien, J. R. R. :
J. R. R. Tolkien Resources

***** Vance, Jack :
Jack Vance Resources

**** Aickman, Robert :
Robert Aickman Resources

**** Aldiss, Brian W. :
Brian W. Aldiss Resources

**** Bauer, Steven :
Steven Bauer Resources

**** Beagle, Peter S. :
Peter S. Beagle Resources

**** Bellairs, John :
John Bellairs Resources

**** Blaylock, James :
James Blaylock Resources

**** Carroll, Jonathan :
Jonathan Carroll Resources

**** Chabon, Michael :
Michael Chabon Resources

**** Chesterton, G. K. :
G. K. Chesterton Resources

**** Davidson, Avram :
Avram Davidson Resources

**** Finney, Charles G. :
Charles G. Finney Resources

**** Grahame, Kenneth :
Kenneth Grahame Resources

**** Harrison, M. John :
M. John Harrison Resources

**** Hoban, Russell :
Russell Hoban Resources

**** Hodgson, William Hope :
William Hope Hodgson Resources

**** Lee, Tanith :
Tanith Lee Resources

**** Lightman, Alan :
Alan Lightman Resources

**** MacDonald, George :
George MacDonald Resources

**** Machen, Arthur :
Arthur Machen Resources

**** Millhauser, Steven :
Steven Millhauser Resources

**** Mills, Magnus :
Magnus Mills Resources

**** Milne, A. A. :
A. A. Milne Resources

**** Mirrlees, Hope :
Hope Mirrlees Resources

**** Morris, William :
William Morris Resources

**** Pratchett, Terry :
Terry Pratchett Resources

**** Ruff, Matt :
Matt Ruff Resources

**** Rushdie, Salman :
Salman Rushdie Resources

**** Smith, Cordwainer :
Cordwainer Smith Resources

**** Thompson, Ruth Plumly :
Ruth Plumly Thompson Resources

**** Wangerin, Walter Jr. :
Walter Wangerin, Jr. Resources

**** Whittemore, Edward :
Edward Whittemore Resources

**** Wolfe, Gene :
Gene Wolfe Resources

**** Woolf, Virginia :
Virginia Woolf Resources

**** Wright, Grahame :
Grahame Wright Resources

*** Adams, Douglas :
Douglas Adams Resources

*** Adams, Richard :
Richard Adams Resources

*** Amis, Martin :
Martin Amis Resources

*** Auster, Paul :
Paul Auster Resources

*** Banks, Iain M. :
Iain M. Banks Resources

*** Barker, Clive :
Clive Barker Resources

*** Barrett, Neal :
Neal Barrett, Jr. Resources

*** Bell, Douglas :
Douglas Bell Resources

*** Bisson, Terry :
Terry Bisson Resources

*** Bradbury, Ray :
Ray Bradbury Resources

*** Brunner, John :
John Brunner Resources

*** Carter, Angela :
Angela Carter Resources

*** Chapman, Stepan :
Stepan Chapman Resources

*** Charnas, Suzy McKee :
Suzy McKee Charnas Resources

*** Cherryh, C. J. :
C. J. Cherryh Resources

*** Cisco, Michael :
Michael Cisco Resources

*** Clarke, Susanna :
Susanna Clarke Resources

*** Cook, Glen :
Glen Cook Resources

*** Crowley, John :
John Crowley Resources

*** Davies, Robertson :
Robertson Davies Resources

*** Davis, Kathryn :
Kathryn Davis Resources

*** Eisenstein, Phyllis :
Phyllis Eisenstein Resources

*** Gardner, John :
John Gardner Resources

*** Gentle, Mary :
Mary Gentle Resources

*** Grant, Richard :
Richard Grant Resources

*** Hansen, Erik Fosnes :
Erik Fosnes Hansen Resources

*** Hickman, Stephen :
Stephen Hickman Resources

*** Helprin, Mark :
Mark Helprin Resources

*** Hodgell, P. C. :
P. C. Hodgell Resources

*** Hoffmann, E. T. A. :
E. T. A. Hoffmann Resources

*** Holt, Tom :
Tom Holt Resources

*** Kathryns, G. A. :
G. A. Kathryns Resources

*** King, Gabriel :
pseudonym for M. John Harrison (in collaboration with Jane Johnson, not listed here)

*** King, Stephen :
Stephen King Resources

*** LeGuin, Ursula K. :
Ursula K. Le Guin Resources

*** Lindholm, Megan :
Megan Lindholm Resources

*** Lindsay, David :
David Lindsay Resources

*** Lively, Penelope :
Penelope Lively Resources

*** Lustbader, Eric Van :
Eric Van Lustbader Resources

*** McKillip, Patricia :
Patricia McKillipResources

*** Moorcock, Michael :
Michael Moorcock Resources

*** Morley, Christopher :
Christopher Morley Resources

*** Mujica Láinez, Manuel :
Manuel Mujica Láinez Resources

*** Myers, John Myers :
John Myers Myers Resources

*** O'Brien, Flann :
Flann O'Brien Resources

*** Orr, A. :
A. Orr Resources

*** Panshin, Alexei :
Alexei Panshin Resources

*** Pearson, Edward :
Edward Pearson Resources

*** Powers, Tim :
Tim Powers Resources

*** Priest, Christopher :
Christopher Priest Resources

*** Read, Herbert :
Herbert Read Resources

*** Sherman, Delia :
Delia Sherman Resources

*** Silas, A. E. :
A. E. Silas Resources

*** Stableford, Brian :
Brian Stableford Resources

*** Stewart, Sean :
Sean Stewart Resources

*** Theroux, Paul :
Sean Stewart Resources

*** Williams, Charles :
Charles Williams Resources

** Arnason, Eleanor :
Eleanor Arnason Resources

** Attanasio, A. A. :
A. A. Attanasio Resources

** Barrie, J. M. :
J. M. Barrie Resources

** Benary-Isbert, Margot :
Margot Benary-Isbert Resources

** Bester, Alfred :
Alfred Bester Resources

** Billias, Stephen :
Stephen Billias Resources

** Bryant, Edward :
Edward Bryant Resources

** Bulgakov, Mikhail :
Mikhail Bulgakov Resources

** Byatt, A. S. :
A.S. Byatt Resources

** Card, Orson Scott :
Orson Scott Card Resources

** Carr, Terry :
Terry Carr Resources

** Cooper, Louise :
Louise Cooper Resources

** Cover, Arthur Byron :
Arthur Byron Cover Resources

** DeMarinis, Rick :
Rick DeMarinis Resources

** Dickinson, Peter :
Peter Dickinson Resources

** Disch, Thomas M. :
Thomas K. Disch Resources

** Dowling, Terry :
Terry Dowling Resources

** Eco, Umberto :
Umberto Eco Resources

** Effinger, George Alec :
George Alec Effinger Resources

** Findley, Timothy :
Timothy Findley Resources

** Foster, M. A. :
M. A. Foster Resources

** Frayn, Michael :
Michael Frayn Resources

** Friesner, Esther :
Esther Friesner Resources

** Gaiman, Neil :
Neil Gaiman Resources

** Gogol, Nikolai :
Nikolai Gogol Resources

** Gray, Nicholas Stuart :
Nicholas Stuart Gray Resources

** Hancock, Niel :
Niel Hancock Resources

** Hanratty, Peter :
Peter Hanratty Resources

** Hoffman, Alice :
Alice Hoffman Resources

** Holdstock, Robert :
Robert Holdstock Resources

** Houarner, Gerard Daniel :
Gerard Houarner Resources

** Hughart, Barry :
Barry Hughart Resources

** Irwin, Robert :
Robert Irwin Resources

** Jackson, Shirley :
Max Jacob Resources

** Jacob, Max :
Max Jacob Resources

** Jeffries, Michael :
Michael Jeffries Resources

** Jerrold, Douglas :
Douglas Jerrold Resources

** Jeter, K. W. :
K. W. Jeter Resources

** Joyce, Graham :
Graham Joyce Resources

** Karr, Phyllis Ann :
Phyllis Ann Karr Resources

** Kress, Nancy :
Nancy Kress Resource

** Lewis, C. S. :
C. S. Lewis Resources

** Lupoff, Richard :
Richard Lupoff Resources

** McDonald, Ian :
Ian McDonald Resources

** McIntyre, Vonda N. :
Vonda N. McIntyre Resources

** Meynard, Yves :
Yves Meynard Resources

** Miéville, China :
China Miéville Resources

** Mitchell, David :
David Mitchell Resources

** Monaco, Richard :
Richard Monaco Resources

** Nathan, Robert :
Richard Monaco Resources

** Nesbit, E. :
Edith Nesbit Resources

** Nichols, Ruth :
Ruth Nichols Resources

** Norwood, Warren :
Warren Norwood Resources

** Ozick, Cynthia :
Cynthia Ozick Resources

** Palmer, Thomas :
Thomas Palmer Resources

** Percy, Walker :
Walker Percy Resources

** Pierce, Meredith Ann :
Meredith Ann Pierce Resources

** Pinckney, Josephine :
Josephine Pinckney Resources

** Pinkwater, Daniel :
Daniel Pinkwater Resources

** Pischeria, Doris :
Doris Pischeria Resources

** Roberts, Keith :
Keith Roberts Resources

** Russell, Sean :
Sean Russell Resources

** Shepard, Lucius :
Lucius Shepard Resources

** Shinn, Sharon :
Sharon Shinn Resources

** Smith, Thorne :
Thorne Smith Resources

** Snyder, Midori :
Midori Snyder Resources

** Spinrad, Norman :
Norman Spinrad Resources

** Stephens, James :
James Stephens Resources

** Stoddard, James :
James Stoddard Resources

** Tepper, Sheri S. :
Sheri S. Tepper Resources

** Tinniswood, Peter :
Peter Tinniswood Resources

** Tournier, Michel :
Michel Tournier Resources

** Warner, Sylvia Townsend :
Sylvia Townsend Warner Resources

** Wells, Martha :
Martha Wells Web Site

** Werfel, Franz :
Franz Werfel (just a biographical page) and
Franz Werfel (another biographical page)
I cannot find any dedicated website

** White, T. H. :
England Have My Bones

** Whitehead, Colson :
Colson Whitehead

** Wilde, Oscar :
The Official Website of Oscar Wilde [sic]

** Williams, Michael :
Michael Williams (just a biographical page)
I cannot find any dedicated website

** Wright, Austin Tappan :
Austin Tappan Wright

** Zindell, David :
Seekers of the Ineffable Flame

* Ackroyd, Peter :
Peter Ackroyd - a biography at Contemporary Writers

* Aiken, Joan :
Joan Delano Aiken

* Amis, Kingsley :
Kingsley Amis - a page from the ever-helpful Authors' Calendar site
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Andrews, Allen :
Fading Memories: Castle Crespin - just a succinct book review, not an author bio
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Barnes, John :
John Barnes's Blog - just an occasional promotional blog on the Amazon site and
links to a half-dozen of Barnes's books reviewed by as many reviewers
I cannot find any dedicated website or even a decent single author page

* Barth, John :
John Barth Info Center

* Carlyon, Richard :
I cannot find any dedicated website or even a decent single author page

* Chambers, Robert W. :
The Literary Gothic: Robert W. Chambers - a most useful page of links to other Chambers-related pages
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Chiang, Ted :
Ted Chiang (just a short review page)
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Clayton, Jo :
Jo Clayton's Oficial Home Page

* Collier, John :
John Collier, Criticism and Essays (a single page)
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Collodi, Carlo :
Carlo Lorenzini ("Collodi's" real name) -
while this is one page, it's part of the English-language section of
an Italian Pinocchio site, so it's virtually a Collodi site.

* Compton, D. G. :
I cannot find any dedicated website, or even a decent single author page

* Conway, Gerard F. :
Gerry Conway (a Wikipedia page)
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Cook, Hugh :
Chronicles of an Age of Darkness

* Cooper, Susan :
The Susan Cooper Web Site

* Crawford, F. Marion :
Francis Marion Crawford - a lengthy appreciation by Carl Van Doren
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Dahl, Roald :
Roald Dahl - The Official Web Site

* Dalkey, Kara :
Kara Dalkey (just a bio page on the Lunacat site)
I cannot find any dedicated website

* De Bernieres, Louis :
Louis De Bernieres (just a bio page)

* Dexter, Susan :
I cannot find any dedicated website, or even a decent single page

* Dorsey, Candas Jane :
Candas Jane Dorsey (a bio page on the SFCanada site)
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Ducornet, Rikki :
Rikki Ducornet (a rather gushy single page)
I cannot find any dedicated website, and few if any objective-seeming pages

* Duncan, Dave :
Dave Duncan's Fantasy Unlimited

* Fessier, Michael :
Michael Fessier Resources

* Finney, Jack :
Jack Finney - a very brief bio and bibliography and
Jack Finney - an appreciative obituary
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Ford, John M. :
John M. Ford - an appreciative obituary by John Clute and
An Introduction to John M. Ford - a brief biography/bibliography by Will Shetterly
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Gemmell, David :
Gemmell Mania

* Gilliland, Alexis A. :
I cannot find any dedicated website, or even a decent single page, though there is
this one page, which treats several works, including--in small part--Gilliland's fictions.

* Goldstein, Lisa :
Lisa Goldstein's Home Page

* Green, Simon R. :
Simon Green Tribute Site

* Hood, Daniel :
The Daniel Hood Bookshelf

* Hughes, Rhys :
Ehys Hughes Resources

* Jones, Diana Wynne :
Chrestomanci Castle

* Killus, James :
James Killus

* Kingsley, Charles :
Charles KingsleyThe 20th Century Critical Heritage and
Charles Kingsley: An Overview

* Knight, Damon :
Damon Knight page, Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame - just a very brief appreciation and
Damon F. Knight - an extensive and informative eulogy
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Laumer, Keith :
Keith Laumer Website

* LeFanu, Sheridan :
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

* Leiber, Fritz :

* Lieberman, Herbert :
I cannot find any dedicated website, or even a decent single page

* MacAvoy, R. A. :
Thoroughly Unauthorised Shrine to R. A. MacAvoy

* Mark, Jan :
Jan Mark's Flemish Fansite

* Marks, Laurie J. :
Laurie J. Marks - a brief biography and
Laurie J. Marks - a bibliography
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Mayhar, Ardath :
Ardath Mayhar Bibliography - a well-intentioned but ugly Geocities-hosted site and
Ardath Mayhar - just a bibliography and awards list
I cannot find any dedicated website

* McKiernan, Dennis :
Dennis L. McKiernan Home Page

* McKinley, Robin :
Robin McKinley's Official Home Page

* Modesitt, L. E. :

* Offutt, Andrew :
I cannot find any dedicated website, or even a decent single page

* Ore, Rebecca :
The Unofficial Rebecca Ore Site

* Osborne, Mary Pope :
Mary Pope Osborne

* Park, Paul :
Paul Park

* Pratt, Fletcher :
Pratt, Fletcher - personal data - a brief biography plus an extensive bibliography and
De Camp, Pratt, and the Enchanter - a "belated review" by Dani Zweig; unfortunately,
it does not deal with Pratt's solo novels, only his collaborations with L. Sprague De Camp
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Price, E. Hoffmann :
E. Price Hoffmann

* Resnick, Mike :
Mike Resnick's Home Page

* Salmonson, Jessica Amanda :
Violet Books: Salmonson Bibliography
(This is a page on Salmonson's on-line bookstore site, interesting in itself.)
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Scarborough, Elizabeth :
Beadtime Stories

* Shea, Michael :
The Michael Shea Site

* Shetterly, Will :
Qwerty Ranch - Will Shetterly & Emma Bull's site

* Silverberg, Robert :
The Quasi-Official Robert Silverberg Home Page

* Simak, Clifford :
The Clifford Simak Fan Site and
Clifford D. Simak - an extensive profile

* Somtow, S. P. :
The Total S. P. Somtow Experience (he also writes as Somtow Sucharitkul)

* Stevermer, Caroline :
The Enchanted Chocolate Pot - a Caroline Stevermer & Patricia C. Wrede page and
Caroline Stevermer - an "official" but brief page, though with a linked bibliography

* Sucharitkul, Somtow :
The Total S. P. Somtow Experience (a name he also writes under)

* Travers, P. L. :
New Yorker article on P. L. Travers - extensive background on both Travers and her books and
P. L. Travers - an only slightly dated but extensive bibliography and set of links
(Those resources, between them, seem to me tantamount to an actual Travers site.)

* Wellman, Manly Wade :
The Voice of the Mountains

* Willey, Elizabeth :
Elizabeth Willey's Home Page

* White, E. B. :
E. B. White - a page at the ever-useful Authors' Calendar site

* Williams, Tad :
Tad Williams

* Williams, Walter Jon :
The Official Walter Jon Williams Web Site

* Wrede, Patricia C. :
Patricia C. Wrede's Info Page and
The Enchanted Chocolate Pot - a Caroline Stevermer & Patricia C. Wrede page

* Wolf, Gary K. :
Gary K. Wolf Creator of Roger Rabbit - well, the name says it all, doesn't it?

* Wyndham, John :
John Wyndham - a page from the ever-helpful Authors' Calendar site and
John Wyndham - a Guardian author profile and
John Wyndham - Factbites links to many other Wyndham resources of varying utility
I cannot find any dedicated website

* Zelazny, Roger :
Roger Zelazny Page

Authors Without Dedicated Web Sites

Here's the full list. It is divided into two sections: authors for whom there is neither a dedicated website nor even a decent information page (excepting, possibly, brief bio or bibliography pages in The Usual Places), and authors for whom there is at least some kind of a non-trivial information page, but still no dedicated web site. In both cases, the authors are listed by star rating, then alphabetically within stars.

All you fans out there--if an author you fancy is on the lists below, get cracking! Make a site!

No Site or Even Good Info Page

Info Page(s) But No Site

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