Zothique Prism Limited Edition Release

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Zothique Prism Limited Edition Release

Postby pegana on Saturday, 01 April 2017, 3:50 pm

Pegana Press is pleased to announce the release of Zothique Prism, a limited edition chapbook of a tale from The World of The Dying Sun by Clark Ashton Smith. 55 copies have been printed on German watermarked edition paper and sewn into heavy French dove gray covers with a new frontispiece illustration by Robert H. Knox.

More information, images and how to order can be found here at the website. https://www.peganapress.com/zothique-prism-.html

"...And pace by pace with their laxness and tyranny, the fire of rebellion mounted in the shadowy heart of Illeiro, like a flame that struggles with Lethean damps..."

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