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would like to find a book

PostPosted: Friday, 08 January 2010, 7:51 pm
by searching
Hi-I have a memory of a children's book-probably written in 1930s-involved some kids and a spaceship-I believe the space ship travelled over either radio or sound waves-it was illustrated and I think the ship was a saucer type-can anyone give any leads to author or title?
Also read in science fiction magazine (asimov's?) in the 1970's a short story called Hop for Pop-involved the accepted euthanasia of folks over age 18?21?30?-Pop was the one who took you to where ever the end was-story dealt with the rejection of the idea by one or more of the people-any idea how I could trace this? Thanks, Searching

Re: would like to find a book

PostPosted: Sunday, 10 January 2010, 8:41 pm
by owlcroft
Regrettably, I don't have an answer to either qeury. If one does not turn up soon, another place you might ask is on the usenet discussion group rec.arts.sf.written

If you're not familiar with usenet (which is another internet service, parallel to the web, email, ftp, and the like), Google maintains a mediocre but usable web-based "front end" to usenet. You can reach it from this link:

(Click the words "new post" in the upper right to start a thread.) Of course, if instead you have dedicated usenet software and know how to use it, all the better.

Title your inquiry post YASID: 1930s book, kids and a spaceship. The exact phrase you use is up to you, but it should be short (it's a post title) and descriptive; and be sure to start with that YASID: leader (a standard abbreviation for "Yet Another Story ID inquiry"). The body of the post can be just as you had it here.

The folks there are usually pretty quick with story-id queries.