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zenna henderson

Postby searching on Thursday, 27 May 2010, 9:30 pm

Hi-wondering if anyone here is a fan of "the People"? I had read her books eons ago, (The People, Holding Wonder, at least another title and a book of short stories), all concerning the same group of folks from outer space who settled her on earth and some married and had mixed genetic children, some with powers, some not. I liked her characters and easy relaxed style of writing. But I always felt there was a strong judaic theme in the book. Saw awhile ago that there was a new printing of a compilation book of her fiction but never brought it. And now I the libraries by me are no longer stocking the books. So I guess she is passe?
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Re: zenna henderson

Postby DavidTate on Saturday, 29 May 2010, 1:08 am

searching wrote:Hi-wondering if anyone here is a fan of "the People"?
I will admit to never having outgrown being a big fan of Zenna Henderson's all-too-few stories, both of The People and otherwise. My favorite of the People stories is still probably the first one, "Ararat", but most of the others I've read have their moments as well. Of her standalone stories, I think my favorite was "Hush!". (I'm only familiar with the stories collected in The Anything Box and Holding Wonder, and the two early fixups of The People stories. I haven't seen any of her more recent work, or the 1995 complete People collection Ingathering, which had some new People stories that I've yet to read.)

I'm intrigued that you think of the stories as Judaic in theme. Perhaps its my upbringing showing through, but I always thought of them as Christian. Perhaps that's because some of the allusions in the titles are New Testament (e.g. "Angels Unawares" and "Troubling of the Waters").

It would be hard to pursue this question further without egregious spoilers, I fear. That said, it occurs to me that my interpretation of the, um, theology of the stories is not necessarily the only possible interpretation. I'm curious whether others saw them the same way I did.
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