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Alan Garner

Postby wayland on Saturday, 21 August 2010, 1:36 am

Hi all. I'm interested in knowing what you think of the author Alan Garner; I'm thinking particularly of the works "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen", and "The Moon of Gomrath". I give him full marks for setting, but I'm not sure that I'm qualified to comment on plot, characterisation, or language use. If I had to say what they were most like (of the things I've read), I'd pick Susan Cooper (although I like Garner better, but this may be due to having encountered him at a younger age). I find in it an even stronger sense of location than in LoTR, possibly due to the fact that the locations are real locations. One thing I like very much about it is that he seems to be drawing directly on genuine folklore traditions, as well as doing his own fantasy recasting. He also has schoolchildren/farmers fulfilling the "hobbit role", ie. interpreting the fantasy world in terms that we can understand.

Since I'm unsure of whether he has been suggested at some point in he past (although I didn't find anything in my site search), I see my role as being to bring him to your attention, rather than over-praise him. I've included some links below; hopefully these may help some.

The Wikipedia article implies that his language use is up to scratch.

Note that the article linked below contains spoilers. ... risingamen

Feedback? :)
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