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A welcome and some thoughts on using these forums.

PostPosted: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 8:33 pm
by P417
Thank you for visiting the Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works discussion forums. If you are not yet a registered forum member, you will be able to view all threads and posts, but will not be able to start new threads or post relies on existing threads. Registration is, as with most forums, fast and simple: just click on the Register logo in the upper right of this (or any) forum page, then follow the simple instructions. (Once you have registered, you should go to your "User Control Panel" and customize the many various options available to you there).

Usage Notes:

  • These forums do not support the use of Attachments to posts or Private Messages. If there is a clamor for such an capability, I'll consider changing that later.
  • You may (and should) create a custom signature block of a reasonable length; it can contain one, and only one, URL within it.
  • I assume that my guests are civilized adults, so you can include links in your posts as soon as you are registered: there is no time delay or minimum number of posts required as a prerequisite. Registrants who abuse that privilege for gross self-promotion, however, will be privately advised by email to desist; any not heeding such a note will then be terminated with no further notice.
  • "Smilies" are available. I myself consider them jejeune bordering on hebephrenic, mais chacun a son gout.
  • You may upload an image to be your "avatar" (identifying graphic appearing on your posts) or choose one from the stock supply you will find here. Remember that your avatar is your presentation to the world: if you use childish cartoons, other visitors are apt to think you a childish cartoon of a person. But help yourself . . . .
  • It should go without saying, but I say it anyway: while even civilized folk can occasionally get hot under the collar when debating, please do not put in a post anything you would not say to someone face to face--while sober--in a public setting. When composing posts, it is most wise to go slowly, and re-read and edit more than once before clicking the Submit button. Act in haste, repent at leisure . . . .

About the Several Forums:

It will help everyone make best use of these forums if threads are started in the appropriate places.

NOTICES (this forum): only I can post messages here. This forum is where you look for advice and notices. It's worth checking periodically, to see if there any significant general advisories.

INTRODUCTIONS: it is a forum convention to provide a place for newcomers to--if they want to--introduce themselves and perhaps say a few things about their interests (or whatever occurs to them as things others might like to know about them). Remember to also fill out the personal-info data--which you reach through your CP link--with whatever you'd like others to be able to see about you.

AUTHORS AND THEIR BOOKS: this I expect to be the main forum. It is meant for discusion of authors listed on this site. For authors not listed here (including those still listed on the Likely Candidates For Listing page), please use instead the next-listed forum. For any given author, discussion need not be limited to those books listed here (even including those listed on the Unrated Books by Rated Authors page).

AUTHOR SUGGESTIONS: this is for discussing any authors not already listed on this site (in the main listings, that is--see the forum note just above).

OTHER MEDIA: as the name suggests, for discussing speculative fiction presented in media other than books.

ABOUT THIS SITE: here you can ask questions, make suggestions, or loudly condemn (or, heaven forfend, even praise) anything on or about this site--whether these forums or the site as a whole.

EVERYTHING ELSE: for off-theme discussions of any sort, from other sorts of literature to recipes to whatever you want to do. Just, please, no spam, hm?